Legendary Quality

Front Line Holsters are among the finest in the world. With holsters designs ranging from classic leather styles to models featuring innovative retention systems and cutting edge materials, Front Line manufactures the ideal holster for any shooter’s specific needs. Designed in cooperation with the Israeli Defense Forces, these holsters clearly benefit from front line experience. Several generations of Israeli soldiers, special operations troops, law enforcement personnel, and civilians have used and trusted Front Line holsters.

We are proud to do our part to introduce these fine holsters to soldiers, police, and shooters in the United States.

These are the holsters that we use every day.

Available in the U.S. from 7.62 Precision.

Appropriate pricing levels are available upon request for dealers and distributors.

“Dear 7.62 Precision,

I want to first of all say the quality of the holster I recently received from you is virtually unmatched.  I have holsters from Milt Sparks, Kramer, etc and yours is just as good as the big names with a better price!  I especially appreciate the range cards you included as I am a firearms instructor at our State Correction Academy.

Steve ––––, Instructor –”

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