Kydex Belt Holsters

Front Line Kydex belt holsters are ideal for tactical, duty, self-defense, or sporting use. They are available with several different styles and levels of retention, and can be worn on the belt using the BFL belt mount system, a low-ride system, or a secure paddle. Most models are available with or without a suede lining.

Front Line Kydex Belt Holster with BFL belt-mount system.Open-Top Kydex® Belt or Paddle Holster K40xx

Front Line Kydex belt holster with Push 'n' Draw PD1 retention system.Kydex® Belt or Paddle Holster
with Push ‘n’ Draw Retention System KxxPD1

Front Line Kydex Holster with Thumb-Spring retention system, belt or paddle.Kydex® Belt or Paddle Holster
with Thumb-Spring Retention System K470xx

Suede-lined Kydex holster with Front Line's Head-Lock (HDL) retention system.Kydex® Belt or Low Ride Holster
with Head Lock Retention System K6xx

Front Line Kydex Holster with Side Release Retention SystemKydex® Belt or Paddle Holster
with Side Release Retention System KxxSR

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