Fast-Draw Four-Way Leather Holster

FL90xx Fast-Draw Four-Way Leather HolsterThe Fast-Draw Four-Way holster is an extremely versatile thumb-break holster that may be worn in any of four positions and at several angles. It may be worn in the following positions:

Strong-side on the belt
Cross-draw on the belt
Inside the waistband
Small of the back*

This premium leather holster is molded to perfectly fit each specific pistol model and fits belts up to 1.75 inches (45mm).

Fast-Draw Four-Way Leather holster for Baby Eagle/JerichoFL90xx Fast-Draw Four-Way Holster
Material: Brown or black leather
Style: Four-Way
Retention: Thumb-break

The Fast-Draw Four-Way Holster is available from 7.62 Precision.
Click here to contact 7.62 Precision or click here to purchase.

*Small of the back carry may result in serious injury if any part of the pistol or holster are positioned behind or against the spine.

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