Leather IWB Holsters

Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters provide the most comfortable and effective concealed carry method for most people. All parts of the holster and pistol that ride below the top of the pants (or skirt) are hidden, making it less likely that the covering garment will be pulled up and expose the holster. The pants and belt hold the pistol close to the body for a flatter profile. The holster is attached to the belt by loops or by a metal spring clip. IWB holsters from Front Line are available in leather, Kydex,® and New Generation materials.

Leather IWB (inside the waistband) holster with reinforced mouth and leather belt loops.IWB Holster with Belt Loops

Classic Leather IWB Holster attaches to belt with two leather belt loops

YAMAM Leather IWB holster - Issued to Israeli Yamam Anti-Terror unit.Yamam IWB Holster

Official issue holster of the famous Israeli Yamam anti-terrorist unit. Leather is smooth-side in for smooth draw and rough side out for less movement of the holster. Extremely comfortable and effective holster.

Leather IWB inside the pants holster with steel belt clip.Leather IWB holster

Traditional IWB holster with belt clip. Belt clip is very tight and will not slide on belt or allow holster to be drawn with pistol. Available with or without Alpha Lining

Ready'n'Safe IWB leather holster with Alpha Lining and Kydex trigger guard insert.Ready ‘n Safe holster with Alpha Lining

Designed with a special Kydex® insert for safer carry of loaded Glock pistols.

Leather IWB holster that can be worn tucked under a shirt. Hidden Inside the Waistband Holster (Tuckable)

Special design allows a pistol in this holster to be worn under a tucked-in shirt for very deep concealment.

Tuckable IWB holster Deep Concealment Tuckable Low-Profile IWB Holster

Low Profile, stable design may be worn under a tucked-in shirt for the deepest concealment. Can also be worn outside the waistband on the belt.


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