Israeli Yamam Leather IWB Holster

Yammam Deep Concealment Leather IWB holsterThis deep-concealment holster (official issue holster of Israel’s world-famous Yamam anti-terrorism unit) is one of the most comfortable holsters I have worn. A good-looking holster, it is designed with the leather rough-side out. The smooth side of the leather against the pistol affords a smoother draw, while the rough side anchors the holster against the clothing to minimize movement.  The top of the holster is reinforced for safety and ease of re-holstering.

The Yamam holster attaches to the belt with two snap-secured belt loops that are sized perfectly for a standard 1.5 inch belt. The pistol rides high, canted 20 degrees forward, and tight to the body. The result is an amazingly comfortable and concealable holster.

The combination of looks, function, and comfort this holster provides cannot be beat. We recommend this holster as a first choice for anyone carrying inside the waistband.

Leather Yammam IWB Front Line Holster

FL225xx Yamam IWB Holster
Material: Natural-finished leather, rough side out
Style: Inside the waistband
Fits 1.5 inch (40mm) belts

The Yamam IWB Holster is available from 7.62 Precision.
Click here to contact 7.62 Precision or click here to purchase.

IWB Yammam Leather Holster on Belt Jericho/Baby Eagle

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