Ready ‘n’ Safe Holster

The Ready ‘n’ Safe IWB holster is designed especially for Glocks to help prevent negligent discharges related to re-holstering the pistol. The area around the trigger guard is protected by a molded Kydex® insert that helps prevent foreign objects like clothing or drawstrings from being unknowingly holstered with the pistol. This insert also provides positive retention for the pistol. The teflon-based Alpha lining ensures a smooth draw and gives rigidity to the holster, and the holster features a small window through which the extractor can be seen and felt to ensure a round is chambered (not shown in this photo).

The Ready ‘n’ Safe IWB holster features a wide clip for stability on the belt. The clip interlocks with itself under the belt to totally prevent the holster from being drawn from the belt. (We now order all IWB belt clip holsters with this clip.)

FL32xxUB Ready ‘n’ Safe IWB Holster for Glock Pistols Only
Material: Premium -grade brown or black leather
Style: Inside the waistband
Belt attachment: Positive Lock Steel Belt Clip
Fits: Up to 1.5″ (40mm) Belts

The Ready ‘n’ Safe IWB Holster is available from 7.62 Precision.
Click here to contact 7.62 Precision or click here to purchase.

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