Leather/Kydex®/Suede Holster

One of the problems in the manufacture of holsters has been that certain materials have advantages and disadvantages when used in the manufacture of holsters. Front Line has been the leader in combining materials to take advantage of the strengths of each material, creating multilayer holsters that are better than a holster made from any one of the materials.

The LKC holster from Front Line has the classic looks of a fine leather holster, and offers the quietness and finish protection of a smooth suede lining. Between the leather and suede is a holster of rugged Kydex®. The suede and leather prevent the Kydex® from being snapped if the pistol is twisted, while the Kydex® adds tactical advantages, like unchanging shape and retention, and the ability to charge the pistol one-handed against the holster. The layers are permanently bonded together and attractively stitched around the edges,

Retention is adjustable by tightening two screws, and the rigid Kydex® maintains a positive grip on the pistol. The LKC holster is available both in an adjustable paddle version, and with the Front Line BFL belt mounting platform. The holster can be mounted to the belt while the belt is being worn, and is adjustable for different belt widths.

This holster has all the class of a leather holster, with the tactical benefits of Kydex®.

Also available is the SKC holster, which uses a rugged synthetic leather-like material for use in environments that are hard on leather.

LKCxx Leather/Kydex®/Suede Holster
Material: Premium leather, Heavy Kydex®, Suede Lining
Style: Belt Holster
Fits: 3/4 inch to 2 inch belts

The Leather/Kydex/Suede holster is available from 7.62 Precision.
Click here to contact 7.62 Precision or click here to purchase.

The Synthetic/Kydex/Suede holster is available from 7.62 Precision.
Click here to contact 7.62 Precision or click here to purchase.


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