Retention Systems

Front Line holsters are available with both traditional and proprietary retention systems to meet the specific needs of all of users.

Adjustable Tension

Most Kydex New Generation (KNG) and Kydex holsters, as well as several leather and New Generation holster models feature user-adjustable tension. This allows the shooter to fine-tune the amount of retention pressure placed on the weapon by the holster. A holster that retains the pistol solely by holster tension is considered by most agencies to be a level 0 retention holster. A few agencies consider the holster tension to count as one level of retention. For those agencies, any of these holsters with adjustable tension would be considered one level higher than we have listed them here.

Front Line Thumb-Break KNG HolsterThumb-Break Level I

The thumb-break is a traditional retention system consisting of a retaining strap that is unsnapped by thumb pressure during the draw. Most experienced shooters have used this style of retention at some time. Thumb-break retention is available in leather, New Generation, KNG, and Kydex® holsters. A thumb-break system by itself makes the holster a level 1 retention holster. Used in combination with other retention systems for additional levels of retention.

Kydex New Generation Thumb-Spring HolsterThumb-Spring Level I

The Thumb-Spring retention system, available in Kydex® and KNG holsters, will feel natural to anyone who has used a thumb-break holster. The Thumb-Spring holsters feature a locking bridge that securely retains the pistol. A thumb-break-style release causes the locking bridge to snap forward for an unimpeded draw. The thumb-Spring retention system provides level 1 retention, and can be combined with SR or PDS retention systems for level 2 and level 3 retention.

Double Retention Lock (DRL) Level II

Kydex Holsters are available with the DRL level 2 retention system. The DRL is similar to the Thumb-Spring system, except that the DRL locking bridge does not spring forward when released. It must be rotated forward with the thumb.

KNG Holster with Head Lock HDL Retention Low-RideHDL Head Lock Level II

The HDL retention lock is a level 2 retention device that is fast, intuitive, and is not obvious to an untrained person. A locking bridge secures the pistol in the holster. A thumb button releases the locking bridge with automatically rotates forward. The release is protected by a cover that is swept away by the natural motion of the thumb. The protective cover appears to an untrained person to be a release button. The HDL retention system is available in KNG belt, low-ride, and tactical thigh holsters. It can also be mounted on a MOLLE plate for use on a vest or body armor.

Push 'n' Draw KNG Front Line HolsterPush ‘n’ Draw Retention (PDS) System Level I and Level II

The PDS retention system is one of our favorite retention systems. The pistol is securely locked in the holster without any apparent method of release. The natural grasping motion is continued in a quick downward push, releasing the weapon for a smooth draw. Available in KNG and Kydex holsters in level 1 and level 2 retention configurations. The PDS system can be combined with other retention systems for level 3 retention.

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