Head Lock (HDL)

KNG Holster HDL quick-release standard tactical plate M4 & Pistol magazine pouchThe Front Line Head Lock retention system is an excellent level 2 retention system for tactical and duty holsters. This retention system is available in Front Line’s Kydex® New Generation (KNG) holsters. KNG HDL holsters are available as belt holsters, low-ride belt holsters, tactical thigh holsters, and MOLLE plate mounted holsters.

The HDL retention system features a locking hood which retains the pistol securely in the holster. The locking hood is released by a thumb-release button and automatically rotates forward under heavy spring pressure. The release button is hidden under a cover which hides and protects the release.

The HDL retention system is operated in a natural, fluid motion by the shooters thumb, but the method of release is not apparent to untrained persons. The holster pistol is released with the thumb in a combined motion that clears the protective cover and presses the release button. The locking hood automatically rotates forward for an unimpeded draw.

The KNG HDL holster offers a substantial improvement over other thumb-release systems. It is fast and intuitive. The heavy-duty retention system offers a high level of security without requiring unnatural, complicated release methods.

Front Line Head Lock Kydex New Generation (KNG) holsters are available exclusively from The Mako Group in the USA.

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